PACE Supports the Caledon Equestrian School

PACE Credit Union is sponsoring a new horse for the Pegasus Program at Caledon Equestrian School for special needs riders. The Pegasus Program has been running at Caledon Equestrian School for over 20 years and provides therapy for physically and mentally challenged students.

Therapeutic riding has been proven over the years to have tremendous effects on the physically and mentally challenged students. The movement of the horse mimics the movement of the human body this allows the muscles to be worked as if the child was walking. The movement of the horse also develops balance and co-ordination.

From direct therapy for physical limitations, to learning to communicate with another species, the program is one of the most rewarding aspects of the horse world. People who may not be able to walk become mobile on their horse. Someone who may not speak will work hard to talk to the horse in the horse’s language. All the riders are very keen and the improvement in disabilities is remarkable. The program runs for 10 – 12 weeks in the spring and fall. The connection that is formed between the horse and rider is incredible.

PACE is excited to contribute over $7000 to this amazing program. This sponsorship has allowed Caledon Equestrian School to purchase a larger horse, Sampson, to accommodate bigger kids and adults in the Pegasus Program. Sampson is a Belgian and hackney cross and his substantial stocky build fits many of the larger riders in the program. The sponsorship from PACE provides a huge benefit to  Pegasus and it’s riders.

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